Nebraska Methodist Health System (NMHS) needed innovative and intelligent technology to protect sensitive patient data, increase compliance measures, reduce internal threats, and maximize productivity – so they placed their trust in FairWarning.

The challenge

Dedicated to superior service in patient care, NMHS realized that, in order to keep up with its dynamic growth, it also needed to strengthen and simplify its patient privacy and compliance program.

The robust health system began searching for comprehensive security solutions. After performing a deep-dive analysis of different cybersecurity offerings, the compliance team saw that FairWarning’s Patient Privacy Intelligence platform (PPI) and Managed Privacy Services (MPS) had the specific solutions their department needed, including:

  • Ease of use
  • Integration with existing EHR applications
  • Affordability
  • Low IT maintenance requirements
  • Remote hosting

I know if I call on my privacy analyst, he will be right there to help with any issue.

FairWarning’s user interface is very customer friendly, very intuitive. The system is slick, fast, and it works.

We know that the data is accurate from FairWarning. When an email gets pushed out to a manager, we’ve already investigated the alert and we know it’s an actual issue. We know there’s something not right.

I think that FairWarning really changed the world of compliance and privacy. It’s more automated and factual.

While training on the PPI platform, the NMHS compliance team quickly realized that partnering with FairWarning’s certified MPS team created powerful solutions with measurable results. Working with their dedicated MPS privacy analysts gives NMHS:

• Reduction in false positives thanks to proactive filtering of alerts, allowing compliance officers to present clear and accurate governance reports to managers.
• Advanced risk analysis of log data, cutting auditing time in half and saving departmental resources.
• Flexibility in designing, testing, and implementing the most effective governance policies for the organization.

The Results

FairWarning’s intelligent tools and managed services allow NMHS to continue their growth and commitment to staff compliance, governance, and patient privacy excellence by:

• Using PPI’s intelligent filtering technology to reduce alerts and staff snooping, mitigating future privacy incidents and breaches.
• Proactive monitoring of user access driving greater staff awareness, education, and compliance for a strong internal culture of security. “I can see a trend that people are more careful not to access records without a need to know,” said Vojnovic. Thanks to this awareness, breaches have gone down.
• Saving time pulling and organizing reports by using FairWarning as a central repository for all HIPAA reporting.

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