Auditing Across Multiple Applications Baptist Health Care

FairWarning Helps Baptist Health Care Make Auditing Across Multiple Applications a Reality with Patient Privacy Intelligence

When Baptist Health Care became concerned about confidentiality among their EHR records, the McKesson-equipped facility needed FairWarning to ensure their records were safe.

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Executive Summary

Baptist Health Care is a community-owned, not-for-profit healthcare organization committed to improving the quality of life for people and communities in northwest Florida and south Alabama.

When patients had concerns about confidentiality and who had been viewing their records, the Privacy office was not able to provide a comprehensive access report. Only one application had a usable audit log, and other applications were unable to produce an audit log at all (prior to Meaningful Use certification requirements taking effect). The team at Baptist Health Care was struggling to work with application vendors to enable auditing and access the logs in a usable format without unreasonable delays.

The result? Through the thoughtful implementation of patient privacy monitoring, Baptist Health Care has ensured that their FairWarning® solution is alerting them to specific, actionable incidents with minimal false positives.

“Baptist Health Care Corporation has selected FairWarning® to simplify our privacy auditing across a variety of applications. The FairWarning® team has provided excellent support from the minute the implementation began. Our organization is proud to work with a vendor that constantly improves their product functionality in this time of increased regulatory scrutiny.”