Deployment of Patient Privacy Monitoring Homerton University Hospital

FairWarning Helps Homerton University Hospital in the Deployment of Patient Privacy Intelligence

When NHS Homerton was expecting an influx of VIP patients in the near future, they wanted to ensure that their privacy would be protected.

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Executive Summary

As one of the first NHS Foundation Trusts in England, Homerton has a reputation for excellent care and leadership to uphold. They were also expecting an influx of VIP patients in the near future, and wanted to insure that their privacy would be protected.

Like most other NHS Trusts, Homerton was already able to capture audit trails and trace what staff members were doing in electronic records. However, the system was manual, not proactive, so there was no warning if a breach occurred. Homerton wanted to be able to identify any issues before they turned into a major breach.

From the beginning, Homerton was able to use the FairWarning® Analytics Library to run standard reports and analytics using their EPR audit data. These analytics triggered an alert if suspicious patterns were detected, such as, employees accessing records of patients after discharge, records of family members, their own records (self-examination), and VIP patient records.

“The FairWarning® solution offers interoperability with all the systems we run across the hospital. This was one of the key reasons we chose it.”

“As the NHS moves further away from paper to electronic health records, it is becoming increasingly important for Trusts to demonstrate that they have effective monitoring systems in place. Consequently, the need for solutions such as those provided by FairWarning® will only grow. At Homerton, we can confidently say that information is safe.”