McKesson Privacy Monitoring

FairWarning Helps Health First Create McKesson High-Availability Privacy Monitoring With Patient Privacy Intelligence

When manual auditing activities started requiring six to eight full-time employees to devote a few days to a few weeks to produce results, Health First turned to FairWarning for Patient Privacy Monitoring.

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Executive Summary

Health First’s four not-for-profit hospitals and twelve clinics throughout Brevard County serve Florida’s Space Coast. The goal of Health First’s information systems team is to have all necessary patient information available whenever and wherever it is needed, but previous attempts at proactive auditing to ensure that information was still protected were inefficient and costly.

At any given time, Health First’s proactive auditing activities required between six and eight full-time employees, and results took from a few days to as much as a few weeks to produce.

Using FairWarning, Health First is able to meet regulatory requirements of monitoring, researching, tracking incidents, auditing, and compliance reporting with only one and a half full-time employees. This represents a nearly 80% reduction in required resources, while at the same time handling increased regulatory responsibility.

“At best, our investigations were reactive not proactive, and that’s not where we wanted to be as an organization.”

“Before, we had to contact four, five or six people to provide the data. Now, we can just provide a FairWarning report that covers it all”