Proactive Privacy Protection Everett Clinic

FairWarning Helps The Everett Clinic Enable Proactive Privacy Protection With Patient Privacy Intelligence

When a series of employee terminations led to regional media coverage and inquiries from federal investigators,The Everett Clinic’s Compliance office turned to FairWarning for accurate, reliable, and comprehensive audit log evidence.

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Executive Summary

Trying to keep up with privacy auditing responsibilities under HIPAA and later ARRA HITECH, information technology staff at Everett had attempted to develop an automated solution to review application audit logs. They needed a tool that could provide automated monitoring of multiple diverse applications.

During this process, the team at Everett was impressed with the ease-of-use of the FairWarning web-based interface, and became confident that their Compliance team would be able to run audits and conduct investigations on a self-service basis.

The FairWarning patient privacy monitoring installation at The Everett Clinic has withstood the ultimate test: it has seen the Compliance office through a round of employee terminations that led to regional media coverage.

“The breaches of patient privacy were flagged by a new electronic monitoring system [FairWarning ] just installed in December. Employees were told of the new monitoring system, and reminded of the clinic’s privacy policies.”

“You can tell every single person who went into a record and every single thing they looked at. It’s easy to see if it’s inappropriate.”