Streamlining Privacy Protection Saint Luke’s Heath System

FairWarning Helps Saint Luke’s Health System Streamline HIPAA Auditing with Patient Privacy Intelligence

When patients and providers started demanding increased availability of patient health information, Saint Luke’s Heath System began searching for ways to meet the demand while still prioritizing privacy protection.

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Executive Summary

Considering patient needs of protected access to their health information, providers needs of anywhere, anytime access with ease and simplicity, and regulatory requirements including HIPAA, Meaningful Use, and JCAHO, Saint Luke’s found themselves in a difficult position, particularly PCI compliance.

In addition, the Saint Luke’s privacy team was already conducting assessments and audits to identify potential vulnerabilities, but any inquiry of access to patient information required waiting on IT to provide audit logs that could take weeks to receive and were difficult to tedious and time consuming to review.

After reviewing available solutions, Saint Luke’s selected FairWarning as the only vendor designed to address needs in healthcare, and specifically clinical application audit logs.

“The benefits with FairWarning are the reduction in the number of unauthorized accesses, reduced time to resolution on potential violations, and we’ve been able to comply thoroughly with regulatory requirements without having to hire a bunch of people, which is significant given limited resources.”

“Since the implementation of FairWarning, it takes very few minutes to run the audits. Previously, it would take us 24 hours or more, just to get the basic audit information.”