HITS Nova Scotia – User Access Auditing

FairWarning Helps Nova Scotia Health Authority With User Access Auditing & Patient Privacy Risk Management

Nova Scotia Health Authority was looking for a soltuion that would ensure the integrity, privacy and security of their electronic health records (EHRs) and the provincial EHR.

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Executive Summary

Established in 2006, Health Information Technology Services – Nova Scotia (HITS-NS) is charged with managing a secure, centrally hosted provincial health IT network, as well as select provincial healthcare applications.

Before the deployment of FairWarning, Districts Health Authorities (DHAs) were conducting patient privacy investigations in response to complaints using a mixture of paper and highly manual electronic methods.

The result? HITS-NS and DHAs took full advantage of advanced analytics capabilities within FairWarning. They learned that performing auditing and monitoring using only the application audit logs allows for relatively basic searches such as family member snooping and random audits. They found that monitoring could be greatly improved with the addition of advanced user access data such as information from human resources systems. With this advanced user access data, several customizable analytics such as co-worker snooping and supervisor snooping are now being conducted.

“There have already been many improvements in our auditing capabilities with customized reports that an auditor can easily create. I recommend this tool to any organization who is a custodian of personal, private, and confidential information.”

“FairWarning’s flexibility and compatibility with so many systems allows auditors to capture access activity across the province.”

“The benefits of this tool enables us to educate staff on the appropriate use of the various systems that contain identifiable and confidential personal / patient information.”