With increasing regulatory requirements and a strong reputation to uphold, Detroit Medical Center recognized the need for more advanced auditing capabilities.

The challenge

DMC undertook the implementation of a broad-scale EHR in 1998, a project that would last 12 years and culminate in the 2010 achievement of Stage 6 in the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model. The new EHR rollout across hospitals and clinic locations brought new challenges in auditing the accesses of over 15,000 employees, and DMC increasingly recognized the need for privacy controls beyond existing capabilities.

Detroit Medical Center rolled out a new EHR across all hospital and clinic locations, but it was not capable of auditing the access of over 15,000 employees according to the privacy and security requirements of ARRA HITECH of 2009 to achieve “meaningful use” and financial incentives.

In less than 90 days, DMC completed its full implementation of FairWarning and initiated the continuous monitoring of EHR access for all of its employees. FairWarning trained DMC staff and helped them configure the reports they needed most, so they could begin receiving automated alerts based on the specific behaviors they were most concerned about.

Prior to the implementation of FairWarning, the regulatory staff at Detroit Medical Center was conducting all of its auditing activities manually, which was hit-or-miss, and most potential breaches were identified from a patient complaint.

The Results

  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Increased security and compliance from access to actionable data
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