Dedicated to providing world-class care, ThedaCare needed a complete solution to help enable a proactive privacy monitoring program.

The challenge

As a growing health care system, ThedaCare needed a way to satisfy HIPAA mandates and internal privacy policies while also transforming a reactionary privacy program into a proactive one

ThedaCare is a community-owned health system consisting of seven hospitals, 32 clinics, and multiple other health care services in northeast Wisconsin. A growing health care system like ThedaCare must stay alert to staying compliant with federal and state regulations governing the personal health information of their patients. This obligation, combined with its commitment to serve the needs of its community, caused ThedaCare to seek out a solution that would transform its privacy program into a proactive one.

The system’s underlying challenge is staying in compliance with key HIPAA regulations. However, ThedaCare had broader aspirations. Because it is a community-owned system, it is important tomeet the expectations of the community with regards to keeping each individual’s personal health information safe.

We are starting to see a shift in the culture here… our team members have a better idea about what behavior is acceptable and what behavior is unacceptable.

Whenever someone asks me to run a specific report for them, I can just pick up the phone and contact the MPS team and we get a quick response.

Our privacy program was utilizing the built-in auditing tool within the EHR. While it allowed us to conduct random audits of people with the same last name, the goal of our privacy program was to begin monitoring in a more proactive manner.

To transform its privacy program, ThedaCare chose FairWarning’s Patient Privacy Intelligence (PPI)and Managed Privacy Services (MPS). PPI provides real-time detection and proactive alerting of inappropriate access to personal health information across all major EHRs, healthcare applications, cloud applications, and big data projects. MPS is an affordable solution for health care providers of all sizes that leverages FairWarning’s expert team of HIPAA certified compliance, security, and product analysts to provide worry-free staffing, thereby freeing up internal privacy teams to work on higher value projects.

The Results

  • Established a proactive privacy program
  • Created a culture of privacy, security, and compliance
  • Streamlined investigations and activity analysis
  • Saved staff time
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