When Chief Compliance Officer Elizabeth Hunt joined the 452-bed Southeastern Health, she was faced with a skills gap in their patient privacy monitoring technology. Originally brought on to add a level of expertise of Southeastern’s analysis of privacy incidents, Managed Privacy Services (MPS) has introduced a whole new world of time savings, compliance, and efficiency to Southeastern.

The challenge

With a smaller staff and a new Chief Compliance Officer, Southeastern Health was looking for support with managing the investigations and alerts generated by their full lifecycle platform, Patient Privacy Intelligence.

Southeastern Health is a non-profit healthcare system delivering world-class care throughout North Carolina’s Robeson County and the surrounding region. Licensed for 452 beds – including Southeastern Regional Medical Center, an accredited hospital offering comprehensive services to more than 15,000 inpatients annually – the system also delivers a wide array of healthcare programs through its affiliated divisions and clinics. In keeping with its tradition of excellence in patient care, compliance, and privacy, Southeastern adopted FairWarning’s proactive Patient Privacy Intelligence (PPI) platform in 2012 to strengthen its security and governance program, putting patients first.

By using FairWarning, we were able to save some money but still get even better services, which never happens.

Even though we had policies, we didn't have a HIPAA manual assembled that spoke to our philosophy of protecting our patients' privacy. Having my MPS analyst manage the alerts allowed me the time and opportunity to create that.

My MPS analyst understands where our archives were, where our legacy data is, and how to access it. This is not only more efficient, it's also more effective.

Expert risk analysis and feedback from her MPS analyst has allowed Hunt to create sound policies – and their department’s first comprehensive HIPAA manual, which she could tackle thanks to the time gained back in her day. Additionally, Southeastern’s privacy analysts create comprehensive executive-level reports showcasing accurate data to help managers better conduct investigations.

The Results

• Five to six hours per week of saved time
• Stronger policies and governance
• More effective investigations
• Actionable insights into investigations,
creating streamlined workflows
• More focused training to staff

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