Operating in a highly competitive marketplace, securing customer data and understanding user adoption of the CRM was key for TRI-K.

The challenge

TRI-K was looking for the best way to increase CRM usage, monitor user behavior during the offboarding process, and study user habits to determine best practices.

TRI-K, a leading manufacturer of specialty ingredients for the cosmetics industry, operates in a highly competitive marketplace where customer data is extremely precious. To avoid losing its competitive edge, the company needed a way to secure its data. It was also important for them to understand how their CRM was being used by their sales team.

Initially, TRI-K faced a low adoption of the CRM by its sales team. Finding a solution that helped the company gain insight into its sales team’s login and usage habits to determine which habits resulted in the most success was one objective. All their customer data was in a centralized location, which prompted TRI-K to find a solution that also secured its data and alerted the team when departing employees exported customer data. With limited time and resources, the company needed a plug-and-play solution.

I needed a plug-and-play solution. And I found one in FairWarning for Salesforce.

By looking at time and quality of use, we were able to prove that our salespeople who use Salesforce with frequency and intensity outperformed those who don’t.

We’re able to say, ‘Look at what this high performer is doing. If you do the same, your numbers should improve.’ And, we’ve actually seen that happen!

Within hours of implementation, TRI-K leveraged FairWarning for Salesforce to provide data protection and governance through user activity monitoring. They also saw an increased adoption of their CRM, which resulted in the ability to study behaviors of high performers and improve preparation for sales meetings. Now, the company can prevent data from being downloaded by offboarding personnel.

The Results

  • Gained off-boarding insights
  • Improved sales meeting preparation
  • Able to study behavior of high performers
  • Increased adoption
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