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Increase the Effectiveness of Your Privacy Program

Executive Summary

Maintaining quality privacy protocols to protect all individually identifiable health information continues to be a growing challenge for all healthcare systems. Identity theft and fraud is also growing across all industries. FairWarning is combating these threats by continuing to invest in its solutions and offerings.

Online FairWarning Ready Certification Training

FairWarning’s goal is to raise the bar on privacy, security and compliance expertise across the industry. In order to do this, we have expanded our FairWarning Ready Certification Training program. The onsite course will become a Master-Level Certification. We will now be offering our regular course online via a Learning Management System with simulation modules and instructor led labs.

Products & Services Release Schedule

In addition to launching our online certification training, we will also be launching Intelligent Filtering, which leverages best practices and technology to reduce false positives. This offering has been received well by our pilot groups and has reduced false positives up to 70%.

Also in Fall 2017, we will release our People Security Platform, which leverages user management data along with machine learning to provide more advance predictive analytics. It will also have integrations with Learning Management Systems and Phishing Prevention vendors to provide greater visibility into a user security profile for our customers.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to register for FairWarning Ready online training

  • Online training dates, course structure and pre-requisites

  • The overall 2018 FairWarning training curriculum

  • How to recertify to the latest FairWarning platform

  • FairWarning’s executive vision on People Security and Behavioral Analytics

  • How to become a FairWarning facilitator of a User Group in your region

Webinar Speakers

Brian Stone
Director of Sales and Solution Services

Kurt Long
Owner and CEO