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FairWarning is hiring Customer Success Managers to grow relationships, drive value to customers preserving and growing best of industry retention rates as well as make available new fast-growing offerings.

Here’s more about our customer base:

  • Offerings available to sell include enterprise SaaS, Managed Privacy Services, cloud-based application interfaces, professional services, certification training packages, and multi-year renewals
  • Global customer base from Australia, United Kingdom, Scotland, Norway, Canada and the United States
  • 40% of the US-based healthcare market with the largest and most complex care providers, including 38% of academic medical centers, 50% of Becker’s Top 54 largest health systems, and 53% of Most Wired health systems
  • Cloud Security customers represent $550 billion in assets under management within Financial Services, Wealth Management, Banks, legal, and entertainment industries
  • Organization and promotion of customer events including User Groups, educational webinars, and sponsored industry events
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Description of Role

The Customer Success Manager is responsible for ensuring their customers receive the most value possible from their investment with FairWarning. This includes maintaining and building new relationships from executives to end-users, serving as their primary contact to assist with on-going support or escalated issues, expand or optimize their FairWarning solution, and retain customers to ensure they become FairWarning advocates.

  • Great Listener. A successful candidate actively listens to customers through daily communication to collect feedback about their experience, usage, and solution ideas
  • Team Player. A successful candidate will develop excellent working relationships with Solution Specialists, Implementation Managers, and other FairWarning team members to ensure a superior onboarding and ongoing experience for customers to achieve their program goals and optimize their investments with FairWarning
  • Problem Solver. A successful candidate can quickly and clearly identify issues impacting the value customers are experiencing from their solution and determine the next steps to resolve it
  • Communication. A successful candidate can speak and write professionally to be clearly understood and positively influence team members to assist the customer
  • Customer-Centric. A successful candidate focuses on making their customers successful by listening and discovering their business goals, proactively identify and resolve challenges, and promoting FairWarning’s solutions and services throughout the entire relationship they have with the customer


Successful candidates have the following background:

  • Experience with Healthcare required
  • Previous experience with either SaaS model or Customer Success experience preferred
  • 5-10 years of relevant experience in above industries
  • Top performer with a documented track record of driving customer success and aligning within complex customer organizations from executives to all levels
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Solid familiarity with global privacy and security regulations a plus
  • Proficiency with Customer Relationship Management system required

Characteristics of Successful Candidates

  • Consistently positive and highly self-motivated
  • Customer-centric philosophy of software solution sales
  • Ability to understand customer success requirements, develop and guide success plans, and help customers accomplish plans to increase value over time
  • Persistent and competitive
  • Outstanding listening and discovery skills
  • Ability to understand and communicate basic technical concepts and customer environments
  • Creative problem solver with the ability to address issues quickly and effectively
  • Committed to being an active team member who is committed to personal and professional development by participating in formal sales training, product training, cloud security training, and leadership training
  • Desires coaching, training, and understanding of best practices for customer success
  • Both team player who buys into FairWarning Values and the “FairWarning Way”, as well as individual contributor

Additional Information About FairWarning and the Opportunity

  • FairWarning has a proven track record of developing, selling and servicing patented, market-leading product and service offerings
  • FairWarning has been voted a Top Workplace for six (6) consecutive years
  • Proven, stable and profitable for 10 consecutive years
  • 94% customer retention rate over the last 36-months
  • 55% existing customer revenue growth across all offerings
This position has closed – View open positions