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Great products and exponential growth, now we need more members on our Finance Team! FairWarning is hiring a Director of FP&A to actively support the Management team in reporting, analysis, planning, and key business decisions. Our finance team builds the financial strategy and infrastructure to support our rapid growth. Reporting to the VP of Finance, this team member will oversee and be responsible for financial forecasting and planning for the business and provide the roadway for us to continue growing.

Description of the role

The Director of FP&A will be responsible for leading FairWarning’s financial planning function with an emphasis on performance improvement, providing quality management information, and furthering the development of systems, processes, and metrics. This team member will perform under an accelerated learning curve to support the company’s financial analysis function and will provide relevant and timely external analysis. The Director of FP&A will play a crucial role in FairWarning’s success, as they offer the team visibility and certainty in terms of expectations regarding cash flows, future profitability, and opportunities for strategic investment. This position will manage the Financial Analyst. Some of the primary responsibilities include:

  • Lead the financial budgeting and forecast processes
  • Consolidate and analyze the annual budget and quarterly forecasts
  • Maintain a dynamic five-year forecasting process
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of the Company’s business, including its risks and opportunities in its competitive environment
  • Develop in-depth financial analysis for trends in revenues, costs, margins, pricing and profitability across the company’s businesses
  • Develop and implement management dashboards, reporting and presentations to the Management Team, Board of Directors, lenders, and private equity sponsor
  • Direct the development and implementation of FP&A processes and systems to support requirements of corporate, business units and functions and international expansion
  • Build strong relationships across functions within the company and maintain an open flow of communication, to build a deep knowledge of current events in the business
  • Become trusted advisor to help other groups manage and scale their businesses
  • Analyze cash flow, cost control and expenses, as well as collaborate with the various business and functional leaders to recommend improvements
  • Perform economic and industry analyses to identify and recommend response strategies to trends impacting the business
  • Research and investigate financial and operational performance variance issues and assist business leaders in taking appropriate corrective actions
  • Support the production of detailed, bottom-up budgets and forecasts to support short-term and long-term strategic planning
  • Work directly with the various business and functional leaders to educate and support them in developing their strategic plans, budgets, and forecasts
  • Implement multi-system integration solution for development of rolling five quarter forecast
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A successful candidate will have the following background:

  • Working knowledge and experience with revenue recognition, renewals, run rates, costs and forecasting
  • Process mapping with an eye toward simplification and streamlining
  • Ability to zoom in and out of data; technically proficient and willing to get into the details while maintaining command of the big picture
  • Relevant BA/BS degree required, ideally in finance or information systems
  • Five plus years of relevant finance experience in a fast paced and high-tech environment
  • Minimum of two years of managerial experience including progressive responsibility
  • Experience forecasting P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow across an entire company
  • Strong track record of building and managing a high performing team
  • Proven experience building scalable financial planning, analysis and reporting models and processes to facilitate company growth
  • Proven experience and ability to model and synthesize complex financial analysis, operational, and KPI data into concise presentations and decision framework on request
  • Experience building well designed, persuasive and complex board level financial presentations
  • Strong working knowledge of ERP systems and databases
  • Proficient in MS Office Suite; highly proficient in Excel and PowerPoint
  • International experience a plus
  • Software/SaaS industry experience desired
  • History excelling in a private equity ownership situation
  • Experience with Salesforce and Intacct/NetSuite preferred
This position is closed – View open positions