Great Products & Services Plus Raving Fans, Now we Need More Members of our Marketing Team.

FairWarning is hiring a Product Marketing Manager to scale up our Patient Privacy Intelligence offering. Here is more about the Offering you will be marketing:

  • The most reliable and proven Patient Privacy Intelligence (PPI) platform in the world for Healthcare Providers and used in over 8,500 healthcare facilities worldwide
  • Global customer base from Australia, United Kingdom, Scotland, Norway, Canada and the United States
  • 40% of the US-based healthcare market with the largest and most complex care providers, including 38% of academic medical centers, 50% of Becker’s Top 54 largest health systems, and 53% of Most Wired health systems
  • Customer purchase drivers include compliance with industry regulations as well as security of their customer & patient data held in EHR’s and the cloud, which are increasingly enforced due to cybersecurity concerns
  • Prospects include a broad base of exciting organizations from healthcare providers and academic medical centers, among others
  • FairWarning has been voted a Top Workplace for six (6) consecutive years
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Description of Role:

The Product Marketing Manager will be the voice of the customer by carefully researching customer needs and experiences to understand customer challenges. In addition to conducting market research, the Product Marketing Manager will establish timescales for developing products, influence pricing and packaging, guide sales teams, develop messaging and market positioning around products. Some travel required and as well as participation in presentations and events. More about the role is below:

  • Active Listener: Gain insights into customer needs and experiences by actively listening. Through interviews, surveys, market research and sales data, gain insight into customer use of current products, untapped opportunities and buyer personas
  • Team Player: As a product marketing manager you will have to work with teams across your organization. This will include the sales and marketing department, the engineering department, product management, press and PR and senior executives. New product launches are inherently ‘cross-functional’ and entail coordinating the work of many different people.
  • Excellent Communicator: Both speaking and writing abilities have to be tapped in this role. You will frequently have to present new products and write engaging copy, telling the ‘story’ of products, for various marketing channels.


Successful candidates have the following background:

  • Minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience with product marketing
  • Develop product messaging that differentiates new products from others in the market
  • Communicate the value of new products to the sales team and develop sales tools that facilitate the selling process
  • Use market research data to determine product pricing
  • Create product content such as case studies, videos, website copy and blog posts
  • Speak and present products to both external and internal audiences
  • Solid familiarity with global privacy and security regulations a plus
  • Proficiency with Customer Relationship Management systems required

Characteristics of Successful Candidates

FairWarning operates a customer-centric business model with strong teamwork across the business. As such successful candidates have the following characteristics:

  • Get it done mindset – issues are solutions waiting to happen
  • Strong project management and communication skills, with the ability to partner with senior-level leadership
  • Owner mindset – you don’t need departments to support you – you’ve built things yourself in a great, fast-paced environment
  • Consistently positive and highly self-motivated
  • Customer-centric philosophy of Marketing
  • Team-player who buys into FairWarning values and the “FairWarning Way.”
  • Relentless learner
  • Persistent and competitive

Additional Information About FairWarning and the Opportunity

  • FairWarning has a proven track record of developing, selling and servicing patented, market-leading product and service offerings
  • FairWarning has been voted a Top Workplace for six (6) consecutive years
  • Proven, stable and profitable for ten consecutive years
  • Multiple patents and trademarks on FairWarning product technology
  • Multi-billion dollar growth market for FairWarning’s cloud security offering
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